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EPC, Project consulting and management from design to O&M

3D modeling, fabrication of new and supply of used process equipment


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Solutions through technology, training, engineering and people
Projects in any kind of industry can be very complex especially in down stream industry i.e. refining of the 
crude oil. Working globally takes a good understanding of how systems operate in emerging markets.
Large corporations spend a lot of money to properly develop project, however project promoters and/or 
project holders of privately owned projects no matter the size of it, often fail to understand the importance 
of proper project development. One of the biggest mistakes they make is when they make the decision to try
to save money in initial stage of project development.
Such bad decisions are in reality the worst case scenario and always have catastrophic consequences.
Every single decision in the project development phase will have a major impact not only in the duration of 
the project but in the whole life cycle of it as well i.e. good decisions would have a positive impact and bad
decisions would have a negative impact with a snow ball effect. More money you spend upfront on studies,
better understanding of the potential problems you will have, and you will be able to work on solutions now
rather than wait until unexpected things happen when the project is already underway and the problems
are not any more under your control.
Time is money, and every delay is very costly.
We always try to underline the importance of proper project consulting in the beginning of the project i.e.
a proper project initiation with project definitions, project vision, project objectives (business & technological),
the project scope, conducting a conceptual design study etc. 
Such approach with a qualified project consultant will save some major headaches to the client, and will in
initial stage set the right path and put the client in the right direction rather than let him go "all over the 
place in every direction".
The results will be that the client will spend a fraction of money for a consulting work and conceptual design 
study and based on the results from it, they will be able to make a decision like: what process
configuration will be the most suitable under the given circumstances, new equipment vs. used one, 
is the project economically and technically feasible or not ...and as a result, they will be able to decide if 
the project is a GO or NO GO.
Word of wisdom: start the project from the beginning and not from the middle i.e. don't look for 
equipment unless you have your project properly defined and your conceptual design study done.
Services we are offering: 

- Project consulting and management


- Feasibility studies from conceptual design to O&M


- Third party project assessment and evaluation for financial institutions


- Relocation studies


- Plant relocations: 3D scanning, intelligent modeling for relocation purposes i.e. match marking, re-engineering, dismantling, re-erection


- Construction of industrial plants, storage tanks, pipelines and power generation plants


- Facility Assessment


- Technology Transfer


- Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Life Cycle Methodologies (LCM)



Short summarized references: 

- Complete work with erection of steel structure, processing equipment, pipe bridges, piping system, electrical equipment and installations; Insulation works, Fire proofing, Refractory works, Overhaul and maintenance in a 115,000 BPD complex refinery with cracking capability

- Erection of steel structures and processing equipment, processing and interconnecting piping, pump and compressor stations, boiler plant, fire alarm, ethylene discharging unit, fire- protesting system; Overhaul and maintenance in a 200.000 MT/Y organic chemical industry complex

- Erection of steel structure processing equipment, equipment, pipe-bridges, piping system sand pump station, Refractory works in a 70,000 BPD refinery

- Erection of steel structure pipe bridges, processing bridges, processing equipment, processing and interconnecting piping, chemical water treatment plant industrial water treatment plant, process steam plant, thermal insulation of piping and equipment in two different FCC-Aromatics Complexes, one with Penex unit

- Dismantling of old and erection of new vacuum column (8,5m in diameter, 43m high)

- Erection of sulphuric and phosphoric acid plant - 1,100,000 MT/Y fertilizer plant

- Engineering, supply and complete construction of Oil, Gas and Water pipeline systems in total length of 560 km, up to 1000 mm in diameter

- PC - Turn Key contract for five gas processing plants (piping, instrumentation, process part) with total capacities of 136 Million m3/year

- EPC of several gas and oil terminals with and without jetties

- Supply, construction and erection of 33,600 m3 of spherical and underground storage tanks for Butane, Propane, Cryogenic Ethylene, VCM storage, with pressure up to 240 bars

- Partial manufacturing and complete erection of 1,410,000 m3 storage tanks (roughly 10,000,000 bbls) for crude oil, liquid fuel and finished products

- Supply of equipment, erection of steel construction, processing equipment, pipe bridge and piping of a 5,000,000 m3/day natural gas plant

- Municipal infrastructure and distribution systems for gas and water in the total length of 1,200 km connecting roughly 30,000 households

- Complete piping for 2 x 1244 MW, one 1215 MW and one 610 MW Nuclear power plants, complete work on construction & installation of 310 MW power plant, complete mechanical & electrical work on installation of 2 x 16 MW and 2 x 25 MW power plants, complete work on 180 MW co-gen plant

- Maintenance operation on BP, Shell and Esso refineries in Rotterdam, as well as Esso Chemie (petrochemical complex)


- Evaluation of the 55,000 BPD and 45,000 California refineries for relocation to Africa

- Feasibility study for relocation of 30,000 BPD Amerada Hess refinery to Ecuador

- Feasibility study of relocation of 16,000 BPD Colorado refinery to Ukraine

- Feasibility study for relocation of Shell's 30,000 BPD refinery from Canada to Europe

- Feasibility study for 30,000 BPD grass root refinery in Nigeria - the company got the license to construct the refinery based on our study

- Plant assessment for relocation of 14,000 BPD Aromatics complex owned by Kuwait Petroleum to Bangladesh

- Plant assessment of Chevron's refinery in Guatemala

- Feasibility study, technology evaluation and inspection of a 105,000 BPD and 115,000 BPD refineries for relocation to Thailand

- Feasibility study, technology evaluation and inspection for a relocation of Esso – Imperial Oil's 45,000 BPD Ioco refinery as expansion of a 55,000 BPD Frisia refinery

- Inspection and evaluation of a 220,000 BPD Nerefco’s refinery (Nerefco – Netherlands Refining Company a BP/Texaco JV in Holland) for relocation to India


- Inspection & project consulting on relocation of 115,000 BPD Chevrons Milford Haven refinery to  Asia

- Inspection & project consulting on relocation of 100,000 BPD Q8 (Kuwait Petroleum) refinery from Naples-Italy to Asia

- Project and technical consultant, inspection of Aromatics complex (BTX) for relocation to  Bangladesh

- Project and technical consulting, inspection of Chevron/Texaco 16,000 BPD Guatemala refinery for

relocation to  Asia

- Feasibility study of relocation of Amerada Hess 30,000 BPD plant to Ecuador

- Feasibility study and evaluation of relocation of 16,000 BPD Colorado refinery to Ukraine

- Feasibility study for a Nigerian company Rivgas which got the license to construct a 30,000 BPD refinery based on our study.

- Inspection of several power distribution centers in Abuja, Jos, Enugu, Makurdi, Lafia, Port Hartcourt and Lagos.


- Project and technical consulting for Akwete 1,000 MW project in Abia state

- Inspection & evaluation and planning for 40,000 BPD Albany refinery for relocation to East Europe

- Inspection & evaluation of 55,000 BPD Cenco refinery

- Project planning and scheduling for dismantling of 35,000 BPD CDU, 26,000 BPD Vacuum unit, 12,000 BPD FCC, Gas conc. plant, Naphtha HDS, 10,000 BPD Reformer, Amine unit, Sulphur plant, Isomerization, Merox ...


- Project and technical consulting on a 200,000 BPD grass root refinery in Trinidad and Tobago,


- Project consulting for Spectrum Petroleum in UAE for grass root project in Cheliyabinsk, Ural


Representative List of clients:
BP, Schell, ESSO, Sonatracht, GEC, Wintershall, Bayernoil, Petrol, Leuna, Slovnaft, INA, Janaf, Sirte Oil, DINA/Dow Chemicals, VEB Schwedt, SOM, Sulzer, Naftagas, Alois Lauer Dilinger, Rasco, Galicina Oil Refinery, Chronos, Doodeh Sanati, Supertankeros, PCK AG Refinery, Transnjeft, Butangas, Siemens, Ministry of Work Malawi and Tanzania, HEP, Kraftwerk Union Germany, ...

Where the equipment suppliers, engineering companies and licensers were: Forster Wheeler, UOP, Voest Alpine, Kellogg, Toyo, Dow Chemical, Howe Backer, KTI, Badger, Tissot, ABB, Petroinvest, Monenco, Snamprogetti, JGC, Mitsubishi, Uhde, Tissot, Alstom, Parsons, Westinghouse ...