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EPC, Project consulting and management from design to O&M

3D modeling, fabrication of new and supply of used process equipment


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Over the period of time, in last 60 years, we have been involved in Engineering, Procurement and Construction
of over 100 storage tanks and associated equipment like loading / unloading arms, jetties, measuring and 
reduction stations, fuel terminals etc. 
The storage tanks which we have constructed have been built for different applications like for crude oil, 
finished refined products, different chemicals, water...
We constructed from simple above ground storage tanks with floating roof, to double walled with double bottom,
aluminum membrane and aluminum fixed roof tanks, high pressure spherical tanks, underground gas storage
tanks with 211 bar of pressure....
Short summerized list of  constructed storage tanks: 

- INA Refinery: construction of three (3) 80,000m3 double wall storage tanks with external floating roofs


- Petrol - Slovenia: construction of tanker jetty piping, supply and construction of 72,000m3 of storage tanks


- CUM Njefteprovodov - Russia: six (6) unloading arms and five (5) measuring and reduction stations with

capacity of 36,000 m3/hr, Turn key contract


- Janaf: eleven (11) storage tanks for crude oil and oil products in total of 740,000 m3 (ca. 5,500,000 bbls),

complete construction


- Polichem: 9,000 m3 spheric storage tanks for Vinyl Chloride


- RNS: fuel tank farm consisting of 2 x 80,000 m3, 5 x 20,000 m3, 2 x 10,000 m3 and one 5,000 m3, complete



- DINA: Ethylene and VCM spheric storage tanks with total capacity of 24,000 m3, complete construction


- Sirte Oil Co. Libya: 5 x 40,000 m3 storage tanks, redesign, disassembly and assembly of floating roofs and new

 floors in Marsa el Brega field


- GEC Libya: complete storage tanks construction and interconnecting piping on ten (10) tanks with total capacity

of 142,000 m3


- PCK AG Refinery, Germany: storage tank construction of three (3) floating roof, double wall tanks in total of

150,000 m3


- Leuna, Germany: construction of twelve (12) tanks for petrochemical complex in total of 60,000 m3


- HEP: construction of 60,000 m3 storage tank, double walled with piping and pumping station


- JANAF: EPC - turnkey contract for four (4) crude oil storage tanks in total of 180,000 m3


- INA: construction of underground, Aquifier gas storage tanks, pressure 211 bar, with total capacity of

five hundred million (500,000,000) m3


- Wintershall, Libya: construction of three (3) storage tanks for Al Sarah field development, and two (2) tanks for

Nafoora field


- Transnjeft, Russia: construction of 50,000 m3 tank


- Ministry of Work Malawi and Tanzania: EPC of all mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation, insulation,

and anti corrosive painting of fuel facilities in Mbeya and Dar es Salaam


- DEA Heide Refinery, Germany: four (4) double wall tanks


- GCCI, Libya: construction of four (4) storage tanks in Zawia - MED Power Station, and one (1) ethylene tank in

Abu Kamash