Petro-Mont Technical Services Inc.

EPC, Project consulting and management from design to O&M

3D modeling, fabrication of new and supply of used process equipment


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Since over 60 years, we are providing the industry with quality services and projects accomplished in 
Europe, Middle East, Africa and Caribbean.With over 2,000 km of installed pipelines for different services
like crude oil, gas, steam, water, with all types of installations i.e. under ground, above ground, subsea etc. 
We are proud to say that we know our job. 
We offer to our client first class professional services and certification from TÜV, DIN and ISO are telling a lot.
Short summerized list of projects successfully accomplished: 


- Complete construction of 36" diameter, 174 km main oil pipeline from an island in Adriatic sea to the inland



- Complete construction of 36" diameter, 101 km oil pipeline connecting a refinery in former Yugoslavia


- PC - Turnkey contract on 150 km of 20", 16" and 10" gas pipeline for Petrol, Slovenia


- EPC - Turnkey contract of 20", 6 km subsea crude oil pipeline


- EPC - Turnkey contract for gas distribution network, 591 km in length, connecting 14,500 households in



- EPC - Turnkey contract for gas distribution network, 324 km in length, connecting 7,000 households in



- PC - Turnkey contract for 16" diameter, 9.5 km high pressure gas pipeline and 60,000 Nm3/hr metering



- PC - Turnkey contract, 4" to 18" diameter, 40 km gas pipeline with distribution system for Butangas


- PC - Turnkey contract, 6 5/8" diameter, 24km gas pipeline for INA-Naftaplin


- EPC - Turnkey contract, 128 km of gas distribution network in Croatia


- EPC - Turnkey contract, 90 km of gas distribution network in Croatia